Frequently asked questions

This company was started by three passionate y00ts community members who are well versed in the coffee world.

Our aim is to build on the y00ts brand.

We are a roastery based in Cape Coral, Florida. Being located in the USA allows us to roast our beans and deliver them to you in time for peak freshness.

Our distribution center has fulfilled over 50,000 lbs of coffee already!

Anywhere in the United States for a flat rate of $4.95!

We accept all standard credit cards, Sol, USDC, & SPL tokens including DUST.

We are passionate about coffee and devoted to your coffee’s freshness. It starts with our beans, that are rated in the top 3% in the world and directly sourced, single origin from Columbia, Ethiopia and Nicaragua. 

We have carefully perfected the balance between roasting times and shipping times to deliver your coffee at peak freshness. We hope you enjoy and savor every sip!

We will use your information to fulfill the order - no distribution of any information will ever take place. Feel free to use any web2 or web3 name / email.

We aim to send out the same day. Typically, if the order is received before 11:00 AM EST, it goes out the same day.

We hope to roll this out soon, with new Helio updates.

Yes! We offer 5% off if you choose the subscription option.

After you submit an order for a subscription, you will get an email. On that email is a hyperlink text, “manage subscription.” Press that and it will take you to the subscription portal where you can change, add, cancel and update all your subscriptions.

Canceling subscriptions only cancels all future orders. You will only recieve the item/s you paid for.